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      About Us

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      Dandong Lifeng Silicon Magnesium Co., Ltd is a well-known high-tech private enterprise of smelting ferroboron both at home and abroad, engaged in specialized production of various kinds of low carbon, ultra-low carbon, low aluminum, high boron, medium boron, low boron and other ferroboron. Company now has two ore-smelting electric furnaces which are respectively 6300KVA and 5000KVA, the annual production capacity is 18000 tons, is one of the ferroboron production enterprises with biggest domestic production capacity. Company products are mainly applied to amorphous strips, NdFeB permanent magnet materials, and other sunrise industries as well as smelting, casting, thermal spraying and other fields, 65% of our products are sold to domestic scientific and technologic type listed companies. Company has self-supported import and export right, 35% products are exported to 20 countries and regions including United States, Japan, South Korea, India, the European Union, etc.. In January 2015, the company was reorganized with Dalian Jinma Boron Technology Group Co., Ltd, and became its holding subsidiary, with registered capital of 24,980,000 Yuan, covering an area of 60000 square meters, having 280 existing staff, including 32 technical personnel. Company is located in Dandong  Kuandian county  Yalu River Shuifeng lakeside, near the mountain and by the river, with beautiful scenery. By means of unique land mineral resources of "boron city", independent power transformation energy of state high-voltage grid substation, traffic advantages of Dandong port, Dalian port, product test and inspection center designated by Dandong Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau, professional technology research and development team, ISO9002:2008 quality assurance system certification, Lifeng Ferroboron has established a stable customer relationship with Hitachi Metals, South Korea's Pohang, China Zhenghai Science and Technology and other industry magnates, and has won the market recognition and customer satisfaction, the "high pure ferroboron smelting project" has won 2014-2016 annual award for China inorganic chemical advancement. Since 2011, company has been listed as "one of three hundred key enterprises" by Dandong city government, awarded the “specially protected enterprise" by the county government, and awarded the "enterprises with special contribution” by the town government.

      Looking back memorable years, we stand together regardless of situation, look forward to the future, we are full of confidence, Dandong Lifeng staff are willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad, gain mutual benefit and win-win situation with excellent quality and good reputation.



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      Addres:Lagushao Village, Chang Dian Town, Kuandian County, Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China