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      • Scope of ferroboronThis standard stimulates the ferroboron delivery technical requirements, test methods, acceptance regulations, packaging, storage and transportation, mark and quality certificate. This standard applies to the steelmaking, casting and ferroboron as boron e...

        04-08 2020

      • Production Safety Post Responsibility System of Safety ManagSeriously implement the policies, regulations and instructions of the party and the country about the safe production and labor protection, and ensure safety in production. Organize and work with relevant departments to prepare or revise safety production...

        04-08 2020

      • Theme of studies on the theoretical and practical issues ofEducation of “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building” is another important practice of carrying out party building studies following the partys mass line education and three stricts and three steadies” education activities, is a...

        04-08 2020

      • Basic knowledge of ferroboronAlloy of boron and iron. According to carbon content, the ferroboron (boron content: 5-25%) can be divided into low carbon (C≤0.05%~0.1%,9%~25%B)and medium carbon (C≤2.5 %,4%~19%B). Ferroboron is steelmaking strong deoxidizer and boron element addition. T...

        04-08 2020

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