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      Production Safety Post Responsibility System of Safety Manag
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      Seriously implement the policies, regulations and instructions of the party and the country about the safe production and labor protection, and ensure safety in production.

      Organize and work with relevant departments to prepare or revise safety production management system and safety technology operating rules, and supervise the implementation.

      Participate in the review of the design of new products, new technology, new material and new equipment, and design and acceptance of work safety and health measures on the construction, renovation and expansion projects.
      Carry out production safety publicity and education on the employees regularly, organize new employees to undertake entrance L3 education, cooperate with labor inspection authority for safety technical training, examination and certification of workers in special type of work.

      Supervise relevant departments to reasonably use protective equipment in accordance with the provisions, regularly check and urge relevant departments to take precautions on dust toxicant and harmful substances, to prevent from the occurrence of occupational disease.

      Go deep into the workshop for on-site inspection of production safety situation frequently, and guide the safety work of safety personnel and the team. In case of any circumstance that endanger the safety, have the right to make it stop operation and report to competent leadership.

      Organize the enterprise to carry out safety inspection regularly or irregularly, register the hidden dangers found item by item, carry out improvement plan, supervise the rectification situation, take effective protective measures to significant hidden dangers, to prevent from the occurrence of accidents.

      Organize the investigation, statistics, analysis, processing, and report of casualty accidents. Assist relevant departments in putting forward the measures to prevent from the occurrence of the accidents, establish and perfect industrial injury accident records.

      Supervise and urge relevant departments to do a good job of labor protections for female worker.

      Have the right to claim rewards and penalties to the leaders on the achievers on safety work, and cadres and workers with illegal command, illegal adventure operations.


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