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      Our Advantage

      We adhere to the customer-centric, Licheng and trustworthy attitude.
      • Profession

        Professional and creative team
        More advanced equipment

      • Quality

        Strict product quality inspection team
        Obtain various industry honor certificates

      • Service

        One-to-one service, one minute response
        Good service is our principle

      • Price

        Quality assurance, cost-effective
        Reasonable price, value for money

      News Center

      Scope of ferroboron

      This standard stimulates the ferroboron delivery technical requirements, test methods, acceptance regulations, packaging, storage and transportation, mark and quality certificate. This standard applies to the steelmaking, casting and ferroboron as boron e... 2020-04-08
      • 08


        Production Safety Post Responsibility System of Saf

        Seriously implement the policies, regulations and instructions of the party and the country about the safe production and labor protection, and ensure safety in production. Organize...
      • 08


        Theme of studies on the theoretical and practical i

        Education of “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building” is another important practice of carrying out party building studies following the partys mass l...
      • 08


        Basic knowledge of ferroboron

        Alloy of boron and iron. According to carbon content, the ferroboron (boron content: 5-25%) can be divided into low carbon (C≤0.05%~0.1%,9%~25%B)and medium carbon (C≤2...

      About Us / About us

      Dandong Lifeng Silicon Magnesium Co., Ltdis a well-known high-tech private enterprise of smelting ferroboron both at home and abroad, engaged in specialized production of various kinds of low carbon, ultra-low carbon, low aluminum, high boron, medium boron, low boron and other ferroboron. Company now has two ore-smelting electric furnaces which are respectively 6300KVA and 5000KVA, the annual production capacity is 18000 tons, is one of the ferroboron production enterprises with biggest domestic production capacity. Company products are mainly applied to amorphous strips, NdFeB permanent magnet materials, and other sunrise industries as well as smelting, casting, thermal spraying and other fields, 65% of our products are sold to domestic scientific and technologic type listed companies.Company has self-supported import and export right, 35% products are exported to 20 countries and regions including United States, Japan, South Korea, India, the European Union, etc.. In January 2015, th...

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